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1. Recommendation by "Techniques of searching and apply for a job in mind"
2. Talk show from the top company in Thailand "How to be a part of your dream company"
3. Exchanging experiences with employers Q&A and apply for a job interested.

  •     An event "Jobs on Target" at Army Transportation Engineering School (ATE) for
        High Vocational Certificate senior student has passed with a great feedback.


         Special Thanks :

  •     On February 9th, 2011, THiNKNET Co., Ltd, the creator of,
        has warm welcomed the senior students from Department of Electrical Engineering,
        Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok.
        This event enabled students to see a real working life about computer, programmer,
        IT and also the environment. Additionally, this company visit from
        aimed to be an inspiration for all students in finding their dream jobs.


         Location :

  •     On February 12th, 2011, THiNKNET Co., Ltd., the creator of,
        has held a company visit for the High Vocational students majoring in Computer in Business,
        Sahavith School and Sahavith Business Administration School. Students could see a real
        working life relating to computer, programmer, IT and also the environment of company.
        In addition, the proposal of the event was to be an inspiration for all students in
        finding their dream jobs.


         Location :

  •     "Jobs on Target" at Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University,
        was finally done with a good feedback from students.


         Special Thanks:

  •     On March 10th, 2011, have held another "Jobs on Target" at School of Culinary Arts,
        Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.


          Special Thanks:

  •     On March 12th, 2011, THiNKNET Co., Ltd., the creator of
        was visited by the graduate students majoring in Technology Management, Faculty of Business
        Administration, Kasetsart University. All students has experienced the real working place
        where website is driven its business and also seen some computer, programmer,
        and IT work flows. This company visit aimed to give students a different working environment
        that they may not discover before.


          Location :

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Free attendance.
Period of each activity may be changed. has all right in considering company and vacancy to attend in this event.