Stream I.T. Consulting Co., Ltd.
Stream I.T. Consulting Ltd. We propose ourselves as the strategic business partner to Clients’ organizations with the intention to ‘Bridge the Business and IT Gap’. We intend to combine the business knowledge based on world-class best practices with proven, enabling information technology; in order to provide maximum competitive advantage to our clients’ organizations and realize the best returns on their IT investment. Introduction Stream I.T. Consulting Ltd. (STREAM) was established on November 1998 and is one of the leading business solution providers with strong systems integration and IT consultancy capabilities in Thailand today. Our strategy to understand business value and co-exist with our clients and principals help us to maintain our strength in the market and develop long term relationship as their strategic partner. STREAM believes in our STREAM’s Values: Customer Focus, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Excellence and Teamwork as the core of our Company Culture. Vision To be the leading IT consultancy in Thailand and the trusted firm for our clients and employees. Mission We’re committed to deliver business value to our clients by delivering outstanding IT solutions and premier services.
Stream I.T. Consulting Co., Ltd.
11 Q.House Sathorn Bldg., 7 Floor
แขวงทุ่งมหาเมฆ เขตสาทร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120