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"Karnkanok", we debuted with middle to luxurious house in the location of new San Kamphaeng rd., with offering reasonable price to our customers. We are the first property developer in Chiang Mai who bring newest construction technology at that time, "Prefabrication" to apply in our construction process. After our succeed in "Karnkanok 1", we launched project, "Karnkanok 2", "Karnkanok 4" and "Karnkanok 8" which using newest construction technology, "Cast in Place" for improving construction efficiency. Meanwhile, "Karnkanok" has been constantly growth. We found an other needs which want quality house with tangible price. In 2008, we have launched the new brand, "Karnkanok Ville" and gain acceptance from our customers. Within 7 years from the first date, we have more 10 projects in several location around Chiang Mai. Those are for supporting our objective to produce houses, "Possible for Everyone with Location covering Chiang Mai area". In 2010, we have opened condominium brand, "One Plus Condo" for supporting customers who need easy and chic life style. Until now, One Plus Condo has more than 20 projects expand in urban area in Chiang Mai. Over 12 years, More 50 projects, we do our business based on objective of develop property to support growth of Chiang Mai and enhance quality of customers' life through our product.
- Annual Bonus - Accident Insurance
Khun Pantiva Junkon, Human Resources Division
Karnkanok Property Co., Ltd.
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แฟกซ์ : 053-325-899
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