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After Service Manager/ผู้จัดการบริการหลังการขายช่างเทคนิคฯ

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อ.บางพลี จ.สมุทรปราการ

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- Plan department objective, jointly with supervisor and admin staff. - Preapare and manage the annual operating budgets. - Ensure the issue of operating report, indicators and KPI as required by management. - Revise and implements repair/service contracts to solicit new clientaele and maximixze team efficiency. - Regulary deal with MFG/IPO/Suppliers in warranty conditions/policies and excution. - Verify and follows up on orders for parts with purchasing to ensre supply availability. - Implement guidelines and standard process with regards to warranties as well as appropriately process. - Build and maintain smooth relations with the customer, to obtain their loyalty and long term business.. - Implement and maintain a customer satisfaction system. - Analyz all related CRM report to revisit customer A/S activities, and customer complainst and reccomend improvement activities to management. - Verify the technician daily/wekly productivity raports as well as documents usted for payroll/petty cash submission.
  1. Male.
  2. Age between 35 years old up.
  3. Bachelor's degree.
  4. Experience : 5-10 years up.
  5. Management skill for preventive maitainance and after service management.
  6. Transportation management, ISO 9001:2015
  7. Excellent english speaking and writing skill
  8. Well computer skill which familiar with Microsoft office software eg. Excel/Word/Power point with good presentation ability.
  9. Can management to team work.
  10. ็Have high leadership.
  11. Safety management.
  12. Refurbish management.
  13. Solve specific problems very well.
  14. Can coordinate with other section include internal and external organization well.
  15. สามารถส่งประวัติมาที่อีเมล์ :
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Johnson Health Tech. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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คลังสินค้าเอเชีย ถนนกิ่งแก้ว-คลองขุด ทำงาน จ-ส หยุดเสาร์ที่2และ4ของทุกเดือน
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