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International Business Manager

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Responsible for all international business operations of the Company 1.Plan business administration in accordance with the organization's policy. 2.Contact and coordinate import and export with both government and private agencies. 3.Operate business investment Operations, Sales, Marketing and Services. 4.Coordinate problems that arise as well as develop and improve various relevant guidelines. 5.Perform other tasks assigned by the management.
  1. No gender limit, age not over 45 years.
  2. Bachelor's degree or higher in Business Administration foreign business or other related fields.
  3. At least 5 years of working experience in international business, food business or similar.
  4. Knowledge of economic overview, marketing, sales, especially food business.
  5. Able to communicate in English at a very good level (good at speaking, reading and writing e-mails) * All documents are in English.
  6. Able to use basic programs MS Office including ERP will be an advantage.
  7. Good understanding of the principles of analysis and summary of data for presentation to executives.
  8. have flexibility in work Have good human relations at work.
  9. Have a good personality, communication, presentation, suitable for an organization that is a public organization.
  10. Able to drive a car, have a driver's license and can be used for work.
  11. Not stuck in traveling to work and can work well under pressure.
  12. Able to travel for business in the country and abroad without interruption (important).
  13. Able to start work immediately will be considered as a special case.
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