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Full Stack Developer - Government Services (1 year Contract)

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เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร

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salary icon40-80K (Negotiable)
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- Define the technical designs and solutions which meet functional and non-functional requirements, including quality, security, and performance, within committed timeline. - Manage the end-to-end life cycle for the production of software applications, including code development and component test execution to demonstrate alignment to the functional specification. - Propose solutions to complex problems that are in keeping with the existing system architecture. - Provide estimates for tasks, including design, development and testing. - Fixing and performance tuning applications. - Collaborate with cross-functional teams of product and development to deliver workflows and product features, work closely with product owners, project managers, scrum master, and designers
  1. Thai nationality, 25 years old up
  2. At least a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Management Information System or equivalent experience.
  3. At least 3 years of IT experience in software development in developing web applications and client/server applications.
  4. Experience developing the front end web applications and backend with open source components with knowledge of JavaScript, Web pack, React / Redux, NodeJS, Api Gateway
  5. Experience developing and consuming web-based Restful APIs with .Net Core, NodeJS and their ecosystem.
  6. Experience with common development tool set Git and Docker
  7. Ability to provide development solutions in accordance with the Software Development Life-Cycle methodologies such as SCRUM and Agile
  8. Participate in performance code reviews and troubleshoot development issue.
  9. Familiar with software design patterns, architectural design patterns but also know where to be dogmatic and where to be pragmatic and able to make trade offs when required.
  10. Respect for the code that was written before them approaching open source or legacy code base with an "opportunity mindset”.
  11. Eager to learn and understand the domain, the business side of the company
  12. Familiarity with Cloud, Kubernetes and NoSQLs is a plus.
  13. Good communication and client facing skills
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LINE ID: @chanwanich
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