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Building Supervisor - (Condominium: Asoke)/เจ้าหน้าที่ดูแลอาคาร

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Job Descriptions
Job Description ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Day-to-day operation: •Inspecting the building. •Distributing invoice of telephone / receipt / outgoing letter to the clients / tenants inspecting the permission allowed for internal fitting-out sub-contractors. •Contracting suppliers / sub-contractors designated by the building manager. •Summarizing the operation results of security attendant / cleaning attendant. •Summarizing the usage of areas / premise handover / fitting out requested by clients, tenants or sup-contractors. 2. Building Management Plans: •Monitoring of cleaning for common area and surroundings of the building. •Controlling the Safety service of the building. •Controlling and supervising the sub-contractors for fitting out of tenants area and unit area. •Suggesting any improvement or correction to the Building Manager •Arranging meeting with cleaning service and safety service provider at least once a month for discussing any corrections. •Preparing information list of tenants / co-owners such as areas or car park areas, etc. •Facilitating and coordinating with co-owners and tenants. •Any other assigned works, if any.
  1. •Aged 28 - 35 years.
  2. •Bachelor’s Degree or Master Degree in Business Administration, Facility Management or related fields.
  3. •At least 3 years experience in building management, maintenance or relevant fields.
  4. •Able to work 6 days a week on a roster basis.
  5. •Good command of English.
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Savills (Thailand) Limited
Tel. : 089-4820559
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Fax : 02-636-0339
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