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Teacher CuriooKids (Central Plaza KhonKaen)

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What Does a Teacher Do? • Make well preparation on lesson plan and materials for a vivid and dynamic lesson delivery • Professional and interactive lesson teaching based on the lesson plan and curriculum guide • Motivate and encourage students to ensure the learning objective achieved • Observe and develop every student’s behaviour skills • Provide feedback to every student after the class in the system • Support all new and existing students to ensure their learning outcome • Provide support on Assessment test • Provide professional Interview with Parents Support the activities and parties in studio The Teacher may support Parents and students in the following ways: • Conduct Initial Assessment Reports for prospective parents • Provide feedback to Parents on their child’s IAR, including recommendations on study support and structures • Teach CURIOO classes • Review Student Progress Reports in CBAS and provide feedback and learning plans to Parents • Work cooperatively with Learning Consultants to support outstanding customer service • Guide Parents and Teachers to resources which may benefit the student • Provide additional support to students through counselling, accelerated or remedial learning
  1. Solid academic background, bachelor’s degree and above, overseas students and returnees;/University Degree in Education or Teaching
  2. Primary Teaching experience in either a local or international school
  3. Minimum Teaching Experience: 1 years of teaching experience for kids
  4. Proficient in using English as the working language.
  5. Good teaching attitude and communication skills
  6. Ability to work effectively with Learning Consultants, Teachers, Parents and Students
  7. Experience teaching students in a variety of subjects and age groups
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Central Plaza KhonKaen
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