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Measuring Engineer

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1). Measuring Equipment management 1 Understand customer's needs, inspection and testing requirement 2 Plan the measuring method to conform with the customer's needs 3 Prepare the measuring plan and related Work Instruction for training to all related operators 4 Prepare stylus and design pin and fixture to support the measurement 5 Review the calibration plan of Internal and External 6 Plan the Measurement System Analysis (MSA) and review the report 7 Review the maintenance item and plan for the special measuring equipment 2.) Interact with suppliers 8 Effective communication to suppliers and let them understand GT's needs and expectation. 9 Contact supplier to purchase the spare part for the special measuring equipment 3.) Inside of company 10 Understand company quality Index. 11 Perform, review and update ISO 9001 and IATF16949 procedure & work instruction which issued and related documents. 12 Perform the jobs assignment from the management.
  1. Bachelor degree of higher in mechanical or industrial or production or tool engineering or related field.
  2. Good knowledge of MSA, CMM, Roundness Tester, Roughness Tester, Contour, Vision, Opticline
  3. Good knowledge in MS and computer engineering applications.
  4. Strong leadership, good personality, self motivated and active.
  5. have experience 2 - 3 years in related job
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Wiparat Nimcharoen
Global-Thaixon Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.
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