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Legal Officer (Based in Chiang Mai)

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อ.หางดง จ.เชียงใหม่

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1. Preparing both document and evident for civil and criminal cases, including examine the evident and checking the document cases. 2. Drafting and verify any related juristic act contracts, as well as summary any relevant laws and regulations. 3. Preparing and filing related cases in which company is a party to the lawsuit. 4. Sorting any book that relevant with lawsuit, such as civil registration, marital status books, etc. 5. Dept management to receive receivable payments according to the specified goals, including bad debts amortization management. 6. Searching any legal information, or supreme legal guidelines related to assigned lawsuit. 7. Provide legal advice on issues raised by internal departments and suggest practical actions/solutions for such issues. 8. Prepare, review, revise, and comment on contracts, notices, letters, and other legal documents provided by internal departments or customers. 9. Renewal of company licenses and carry out the changes of the company registration 10. Follow up and attend internal and external meetings on legal matters, prepare minutes of the meetings and report the same to supervisor and/or executive management. Benefits 1. Provident fund 2. Group insurance 3. Annual health checks up 4. Employee scholarship 5. Training 6. Employee loan 7. Yearly bonus
  1. Hold a Lawyer License.
  2. Experience in law suit cases especially in ire-purchase cases, loan cases, consumer cases and other cases related to the company.
  3. Have knowledge in public law.
  4. Experience in debt sales / debt collection in investor portfolio trading.
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