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Senior Application Developer (Full Stack Developer)

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We are looking for hands-on full stack developer, expert in building web & mobile applications using latest technologies. The various aspects of the software development cycle such as planning, coding, implementation, integration, testing, and support have to be performed. -Collaborate with functional owners, and other personnel to develop dynamic and robust applications to meet the emerging business demands. -Create, revise and review technical designs to meet project requirements. Enhance and maintain existing software applications. -Develop technical specifications and estimations for product features. -Work along internal & vendor developer-colleagues to build great applications. Troubleshoot production issues in a timely manner.
  1. Min 4 years of experience in software development from a reputed company or a startup, preferably in platform setup, product setup and scale.
  2. Excellent knowledge of ReactJS, C#, SQL
  3. Strong understanding of object-oriented programming and design patterns.
  4. Understanding of SAP systems is nice to have.
  5. Work experience in Agile methodology is preferred.
  6. Good command of spoken and written English is preferred
  7. A bachelor's degree in computer science is preferred.
  8. Good interpersonal and communication skills
  9. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  10. Believes working in a team environment and receiving constructive feedback from the team and senior management.
- ท่านสามารถส่งใบสมัครได้ ที่นี่ >> - เข้าไปที่ Website ของเครือเบทาโกร หากท่านมีปัญหาในขั้นตอน และวิธีการสมัครงาน สามารถโทรติดต่อสอบถาม ตามเบอร์ติดต่อด้านล่าง - สมัครผ่าน JobThai
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