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Procurement and Warehouse Assistant Manager

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1. Manage procurement to make sure the section goals are achieved, and good corporate procurement direction is followed. Establish Procurement policies, procedures and standards and ensure conformance to such policies, procedures and standards. 2. Project Procurement standards establish proper sourcing processes and control all procurement resources and activities in project and informing all involved to deliver optimum impact of cost-cutting potential procurement plan, target-costing. 3. Bid preparation / Contribution to increased hit rate analyze customer inquiries during bid preparation/opportunity management phases and exactly understand the customer's functional needs. 4. Support project calculation with reliable material cost data analyze scope of supply and contract agreements, carry out risk analyses and introduce negotiation recommendations together with Management to prepare for negotiations with suppliers. 5. Strategy definition and implementation derive procurement strategies and identify solution approaches and integrate diverse objectives to achieve the project and the strategic Procurement targets. 6. Negotiation. Handle contractual and price negotiations to secure project targets with optimum conditions. 7. Supplier Management drive team to adhere to supplier management processes to achieving best and quality supplier selections. 8. Risk and opportunity management Identify particular procurement risks, opportunities and market forces during the project together with Management to avoid potential damage. 9. Warehouse management. Handle for warehouse and management all parts form oversea and local. Supervise and support team to achieve target. 10. Knowledge management forward systematically all relevant procurement related project information (e.g. updated contractual conditions, Supplier management data) to keep all project participants up to date
  1. Thai Nationality and 40 years up, Male/Female.
  2. Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Major Industrial Engineer or Mechanical Engineer fields only
  3. Experience minimum 5 years up in Management level. Have engineering skill, Negotiation skill, Management skill, Problem solving and strong analytical thinking.
  4. Experience in Automotive or heavy industrial and others similar industries preferable.
  5. Knowledge of Auto CAD, DWG, Line balance, Welding, Machining,Heat Treatment and in concept.
  6. Knowledge of ISO 9001,ISO 14001,Kaizen 5S activity.
  7. Proficiency in MS-Office, E-mail (Outlook), Internet or ERP system software SAP in MM, PP module.
  8. Good communication skills and command of written and spoken English in advanced stage
  9. Strategic sourcing and contract management, Procurement planning and contract management standards, Logistics and order management standards and processes.
  10. Industry Expertise for managing procurement projects & processes, Experience in people management, Flexible working location and working schedule.
  11. Remark : If you not Graduate by Engineering fields as Company requirement, please don't submit you profile to this position, Thank you very much.
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