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21 ม.ค. 63
EH&S Engineer
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อ.หนองแค จ.สระบุรี
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salary icon30,000 - 45,000 with housing alllowance
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  • •Review and Update law and other regulations concern, monitor and enforce compliance with applicable regal requirement, regulation and corporate EH&S standard to drive the best practice to company.
  • •Monitor new legislation related to Environmental, Health and safety, also with facility change as necessary.
  • •Provide guidance and technical support to management regarding safety issues.
  • •To follow the company policy and promote company activities to be achieved the company objective.
  • •Implement performance standard, procedure and KPIs that allow accurate measurement of performance.
  • •Develop and continuous improvement for emergency disaster plans.
  • •Identify, investigate report and provide guidance relative to root cause of incident (RCA)
  • •Develop and provide guidance for chemical management control in company.
  • •Subcontractor management control
  • •Develop and management safety training program for employees.
  • •Conduct employees, sub-contractor management program and regulation compliance related with health and safety.
  1. Male
  2. Degree of Environmental Engineering/Science, Occupational Health and Safety or related field
  3. Minimum 3 years experience in EHS role
  4. Sound Knowledge of ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001
  5. Strong communication and interpersonal skill, active and positive
  6. Good written and spoken English skills
  • Please send your resume to E-mail
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