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PHP Developer [ BTS,MRT ]

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- Develop and unit test web application / Back-End / Core functionality utilize PHP and Laravel framework on a LAMP environment. - Develop and unit test RESTFUL APIs for web and mobile application. - Database schema design, implementation, optimize MySQL queries and connect to PHP web application. - Work with various APIs ranging from networking API to social media API. Play a technical role on troubleshooting and resolution of issues to provide a high quality product. - Lead the development team of web developers, web front-end developers from requirements gathering to product launch. - Review web development best practices approach with team and mentor junior developers on complex debugging issues. - Working with the team using SVN/Git as version control and Trello collaboration tools. - Initiate and develop a work culture that promotes the retention of high quality team members.
  1. Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, IT or related fields.
  2. At least 2 years experience in web application, back-end and API developments.
  3. Experience in Laravel PHP framework will be an advantage.
  4. Experience in Google, Facebook and Twitter API will be an advantage.
  5. Experience in Angular JS, Node.js, will be an advantage.
  6. Experience in Automate Test methodology will be an advantage.
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