Dec 3, 2020

Safety Engineer

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Rojana Industrial Park Chonburi (Bo Win) Chon Buri

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Job Descriptions
- Push and implement safety management work and plans. -Carry out safety concern patrol and follow up the closing status, and analyze the EHS concerns investigation data, and make sure the major risks are under control. -Use accident investigation tools to carry out accident investigation, find out the root causes of the accident, and formulate relevant control measures to track the implementation of accident correction measures. -Develop and improve the identification and control of hazards resource and the work place environment factors, and formulate corresponding control measures for identified hazards to ensure that risks are controllable.
  1. Bachelor's Degree in Safety , Environmental
  2. Good Communicate in English
  3. Experience in safety of at least 2 years.
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HR - Recruitment
Canadian Solar Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
168/2 หมู่ 4 Rojana chonburi Industrial park (Bowin)
Bo Win Si Racha Chon Buri 20230
Tel. : 033-678-530 #71080,71086,71087
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Rojana Industrial Park Bowin
Bo Win Si Racha Chon Buri
- ถนนเส้นหลัก 331 ตั้งอยู่ที่นิคมโรจนะบ่อวิน (ติดปั้ม ปตท. NGV)
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