Oct 11, 2019
Electrical Instrumentation Engineer (30K – 40K) (SDG-29352)
pin locationสถานที่ปฏิบัติงาน
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Mueang Rayong, Rayong
salary iconเงินเดือน
salary icon30,000–40,000THB
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  • ・Coordinate and strongly negotiate with sub contractor and developer regarding any process of plant project
  • ・Researches, develops, designs, and tests instrumentation and controls components, equipment and systems
  • ・Prepare schedule of electrical instrumentation in according to site construction schedule
  • ・Plan, design, and write specifications for process controls and instrumentation.
  • ・Create estimates and cost studies for potential projects
  • ・Researches materials and concepts to advise and support technical issues influencing instrument design concept development.
  • ・Inspects field work and conduct maintenance whenever there is a problem
  • ・Control subcontractor in the construction site and give the direction
  • ・Study performance and reliability of the equipment and establish programs and solutions for decreasing problems
  • ・Troubleshot instrumentation and controls system, determine root cause and take corrective action to resolve system failures
  • ・Conduct research of new plant project in that area, and get the order from developer
  • ・Other duties as assigned
  • Working Hour: 8:30-17:30(No Saturday Working)
  1. Age 26-28 years
  2. Male preferred
  3. Bachelor degree of Instrumentation engineer or other related engineer field
  4. At least 4 -5 years experiences as Electrical and Instrument engineer for Oil & Gas Plant
  5. Have working experience as Electrical and Instrument engineer in Engineering company (Not end user)
  6. Advanced Conversation Level of English (Med Level, Be able to make document in English smoothly)
  7. Be able to commute to work by herself / himself, and visit site by themselves
  8. High responsible person
  9. Business level of English is preferable
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  • Please submit your resume with recent photo, your current & expected salary
*** Please submit your resume with recent photo, your current & expected salary, and reference: Electrical Instrumentation Engineer (30K – 40K) (SDG-29352)
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Maptaphut Mueang Rayong Rayong
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