Sep 20, 2019
Design Engineer
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Huai Khwang, Bangkok
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salary icon30,000-40,000
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Job Descriptions
  • - Demonstrates genuine interests, and working knowledge and experience of new and changing technology in the modern mobility industry.
  • - Identifies, plans, and executes project and tasks to innovate, and improve quality, cost, yield and productivity of production and engineering process.
  • - Solves engineering issues relating to quality improvement, cost control and timeline management by strong critical thinking and problem solving, using technical experience and judgement-with a moderate level ofrtnwrs,pa guidance and direction.
  • - Communicates and coordinates with internal departments and partners, including development and manufacturing, to ensure smooth operations and any potential issues are prevented, or resolved in a timely manner
  • - Possesses fair level of training and teaching ability
  • - Assists the sales and marketing department and serves as a technical salesperson if necessary
  • - Other fun and challenging responsibilities we don’n know yet
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Automotive engineering or related field (Required)
  2. 0-2 year of experience in power electric or electronics developing components or systems (Required).
  3. Demonstrateg genuine interest in electric vehicle design (Required).
  4. Skill in engineering design program; CAD program,3D,Solidworks or other related
  5. Have strong communication skills, English language skill will consider as an advantage
  6. Have strong interpersonal and team-working skill-at Edison we work and group
  7. Have strong self-and project – management skill-able to work effectively under little guidance or direction.
  8. Willingess to work hard
How to apply
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บริษัท เอ ทู โซลูชั่น จำกัด
779\52 ชั้นที่ 3 ถนนรามอินทรา
Tha Raeng Bang Khen Bangkok
Tel. : 099-247-0099
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Huai Khwang Huai Khwang Bangkok
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