Jun 17, 2021

Purchasing Department Manager (Food) / ผู้จัดการแผนกจัดซื้อ (ธุรกิจอาหาร)

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Bang Phli, Samut Prakan

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- Managing the procurement of raw materials and goods according to the related requirements, with a competitive price and by ensuring that all items meet the requirements associated with quality, quantity, prices and delivery. - Managing cost down initiatives for materials and services to support competitiveness in manufacturing. - Supplier management, conducting evaluations and developments to ensure quality, cost and delivery targets are achieved. - Negotiating with suppliers to establish price, delivery, quantity and payment terms, as well as scopes of work and change orders. - Performing procurement related reporting and controlling of concerned KPI’s and key metrics. - Researching sources of supply, determining sole source validity, and avoiding single source situations. - Establishing contracts with the main material suppliers and service providers and evaluating their performance during contract periods. - Defining and setting up standard costs of raw materials for new fiscal year budgeting. - Monitoring and controlling purchase price variance against standard cost. - Performing miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned by the management.
  1. Male / Female, between 32 - 45 years old.
  2. At least 10 years experience in managing overseas and domestic procurement activities.
  3. Knowledge of MRP systems will be an advantage.
  4. Strong business conducts compliance attitude and leadership skills.
  5. Negotiation skills, interpersonal skill.
  6. Able to SAP.
  7. Negotiation skills, interpersonal skill.
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Bang Chalong Bang Phli Samut Prakan
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