Oct 11, 2019
Construction Engineer (OCS / Construction Project) T01339
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salary iconSalary
salary icon60,000THB (Depend on experience)
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number of positions icon1
Job Descriptions
  • - Guide and direct subcontractors and other suppliers as required achieving field construction works
  • - Not only inspect but guide / advise / correct to minimize the double works, repair works, wasting time, waiting time and so on over the field works carried out by subcontractors.
  • - Implement the field QC program as directed by his superior.
  • - Daily Report to his superior.
  • - Plan and Schedule the short term future works.
  • - Coordinate with counterparts in other groups
  • - Internal interface and external interface
  • - Prepare documents and reports for the smooth works
  • - Perform other duties as assigned by the (Senior) Construction Engineer
  1. Thai nationality
  2. 25 to 40 Years old
  3. Male/Female
  4. Bachelor's degree in any field
  5. Experience more than 5 years in similar position
  6. Ability to communicate in English and Thai.
  7. Have knowledge of the local regulations and codes in civil engineering in Thailand
  8. Microsoft Office Suite, CAD drawings (preferably)
How to apply
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  • - ส่งใบสมัครทาง JobThai.com
CareerLink Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
CareerLink Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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