Sep 21, 2020

Testing engineer

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Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi

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1.Take care of Production, Process, Test and Debug or facility equipment maintenance, building maintenance, and all manufacturing support activities. 2.Lead subordinates in process and equipment to achieve manufacturing key performance such as yield, production effectiveness, down time and cost reduction. 3.Support operation running in term of process control to accomplish good delivery, quality and competitive cost. 4.Debug and test on customer software's and feedback the result. 5.Create tools that would help improve efficiency for production and engineering team - Maintain and monitor for Test database. 6.Test the product or system to ensure it functions properly and meets the business needs 7.Work with development team to identify and capture test cases, ensure version management.
  1. Bachelor Degree or Master degree on Mechatronics, Mechanics, Electronic or relate fields
  2. Familiar with lab view / C++ / C … etc. programming language
  3. Familiar with Electronic block diagram
  4. Familiar with database control system
  5. Excellent analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  6. Strong communication skills, both spoken and written in English
  7. Ability to be flexible, adapt quickly, and work under time constrains
  8. 3 - 5 years experience will be advantage
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Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
138 หมู่ 4
Sa Phang Khao Yoi Phetchaburi 76140
โทรศัพท์ : 034-849-266, 034-878-165-70 ต่อ 25861 สาขามหาชัย/ 032-561-475 สาขาเพชรบุรี
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Sa Phang Khao Yoi Phetchaburi
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