May 11, 2021

Business Project Manager

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1. Leads and enables the appropriate level of discussion / decisions on project management standards as deemed necessary and prioritized by leadership. 2. Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors to implement, adopt, and align with the global project management capabilities/processes and IT disciplines. 3. Drives the creation and improvement of all measures to track, monitor and improve projects as well as quality of the deliverables prior roll out to target clients. 4. Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs. 5. Support and Solve the issue of project implementation. 6. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation. 7. Develop best practices to improve productivity by using tools and automation techniques. 8. Initiate Digital/Startup Projects, develop business cases or financial justification.
  1. Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in computer engineering, computer science or related field
  2. More than 15 years experience in the IT project management field.
  3. Understanding of IT support and maintenance environments (incident, problem, changes, etc.)
  4. Ability to understand complex technical tasks, and propose solutions to challenges
  5. Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
  6. Excellent communication skills, interpersonal,oral,and written in English
  7. Strong aptitude and desire to learn new technologies and tools
  8. Learn new digital technology and case studies to catch up the new technology trends and new emerging business models
  9. Have experiences in Agile project management approach and related software tools
  10. ITIL / PMP / PRINCE II certification is a plus
  11. Previous IT Project Management for Insurance, Finance/Banking, CRM related experience would be an advantage
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