Dec 1, 2021

Production Control Manager

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Uthai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

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Job Descriptions
a)Receive and review forecast order from customer or Sales office. b)Review, order and monitor material schedule. c)Review and manage machine allocation. d)Plan, monitor and correct production plan and delivery plan. e)Arrange finished goods for delivery. f)Control and deliver product to local customer. g)Control inventory. h)Define risks and opportunities that impact to products conforming and organization capability to response customer’s satisfaction. Also define the actions plan for those risks and opportunities. i)Recognition about quality compliance and problem escalation in manager’s responsibility and authorities. j)Responsibility as process owner as below ; -Define and control quality management system in order to conform with customer’s requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements that concerned to TTL-M. -Define and control KPI of responsible processes to achieve the targets, including take actions plan when the targets could not be achieved. -Summarize performance of quality management system which related to their own function and report to GM such as risks and opportunities information, problem encountering and actions plan. -Promote the importance of customer in their own processes by defining and controlling the working system for truly correspondence customer’s satisfaction. -When any changes in their own working functions, the corresponding actions should be taken.
  1. Bachelors/Masters degree or equivalent in a relevant subject area
  2. Experience at least 3 years in Production control manager.
  3. Knowledge/skill : Understand the points of production plan management for all business divisions in charge (including affiliated companies and subcontractors) and able to planning the appropriate business and monthly plans.
  4. Have a thorough knowledge of the Spec, materials, applications, diversion methods for all products in the business division in charge.
  5. Understands the production capacity, lead time, man-hours, etc. of all product manufacturing processes in the business division in charge.
  6. Able to revise and abolish the Product standards.
  7. Have knowledge which is necessary for IE, VE, VA, and quality control, and able to advise subordinates.
  8. Able to propose a new production management system if necessary.
  9. Understand the basic matters about internal and external regulations and cases related to the work in charge.
  10. Have knowledge and skills to effectively use management resources to achieve business goals.
  11. Have basic knowledge of the company's business activities, products, technologies, manufacturing methods, etc.
  12. Have general social knowledge necessary for doing business.
  13. Understand the technological trends and market trends of all products in the business divisions in charge, and able to clarify medium-term issues and solve them.
  14. Able to make an effective proposals when preparing the management policies and business plan of the business division in charge.
  15. Able to detect problems that occur in the daily operation of the organization at an early stage and take appropriate measures.
  16. Able to propose what a production system for all business divisions in charge should be (including affiliated companies and subcontractors).
  17. Able to approach the top of department and heads of other departments to get cooperation in order to solve the problems in group.
  18. Able to execute actions for overall optimization with persistant negotiation against related person who are conflicting interests.
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    TDK (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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    Khan Ham Uthai Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
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