Dec 8, 2021

Production Department Manager (Magnet Production)

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Uthai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

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1) Manage output accomplishment and action taking against production plan. 2) Manage yield accomplishment and action taking against yield target. 3) Manage overall manpower against manpower plan, OT control, training & coaching. 4) Manage theme, budget, cost reduction, productivity improvement and other production activities. 5) Manage Inventory on part, consumption and Fixed Assets. 6) Promote and manage against requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, TS16949, RBA and 5S activity at working area. 7) Other assigned.
  1. Bachelor’s degree and Master Degree in Business Management, Industrial Engineer,Science or Related Field.
  2. Experience: 5 years up in production manager
  3. Well acquainted with the entire manufacturing process of the section in charge and can be operated all equipment of the section in charge stably.
  4. Able to instruct and advise the proper measures for equipment and quality troubles of the entire section in charge.
  5. Has technical knowledge and specialized knowledge in quality control for product in charge.
  6. Able to accurately grasp in the situation of responsible organization in the department and set organizational goals.
  7. Able to collect useful information about the external environment and the status of internal related organizations and reflect it in the business plan of the department in charge.
  8. Able to detect problems that arise in the daily execution of work at an early stage and take appropriate measures.
  9. Able to take action flexibly according to situation changing with realistic action plan in order to achieve the business plan.
  10. Able to perform daily management properly based on the business plan.
  11. Able to continue maximum effort to achieve the business plan.
  12. Able to organize effective human resources and operate efficiently in order to achieve the theme in charge.
  13. Understading top management policy well and linking with own department policy, and able to penetrate it to own department.
  14. Able to reform the organizational culture as needed.
  15. Able to grasp the capabilities and characteristics of subordinates , plan and execute long-term HRD plans including personnel changes.
  16. Able to approach the top of department or heads of other departments to get cooperation in order to solve the problems in department.
  17. Able to execute actions for overall optimization with persistent negotiations person who are conflicting interests.
  18. Able to secure the company benefits by directly engaging in negotiations with external key persons such as customers.
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