Sep 29, 2022

Quality Assurance Engineering สาขา บางนาตราด - กม 23

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Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan

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Job Descriptions
1. Design Quality Assurance system of new project 1.1 Prepare C / F concept and Boundary sample 1.2 Quality Document: Control Plan, Inspection standard, MSA, SPC, SPIS, WI C / F 2. Certify all document and equipment designed, to guarantee quality of production by coordinating product inspections with customers 3. Participate in new product development team, trial new model and certify 4M changes in factory 4. Calculate testing cost and running tests in Laboratory (new model, annual, 4M change) 5. Analyze customer claims’ issue and review quality assurance to ensure that the problem is not reoccur
  1. Gender: Male / Female
  2. Age : 22-35 years old
  3. Education: Bachelor's degree in Instrumentation Engineering
  4. GPA: 2.5 +
  5. Experience: 1-2 years in Quality Assurance
  6. Diligent personality, detail-oriented, and strictly adhere to principles
  7. Experienced in automotive parts and/or electronic industry will be advantaged.
  8. Able to join immediately would be a good consideration.
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  • Contacts
    Khun Virasinee Nokkaew
    Summit Auto Seats Industry Co., Ltd.
    62 M.12
    Racha Thewa Bang Phli Samut Prakan 10540
    Tel. : 02-750-3700 ต่อ 1050
    Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
    Bang Sao Thong Bang Sao Thong Samut Prakan
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