Oct 14, 2019
Supervisor Material Development Dept.
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Amata City Industrial Estate (Chonburi) Chon Buri
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Job Descriptions
  • 1.Develop the raw material and FG for Carpet according to customer schedule and requirement, job process.
  • 2.Make document for our some information (test report, development schedule, problem solving and so) to customer, suppiler, internal.
  • 3.Attend internal and outside MTG (customer, supplier and so) for development job, inform some matters, discuss them and propose our good suggetions.
  • 4.Propose and study the development idea and VA/VE idea according to requirement.
  • 5.Investigate competitive material for the future development, consider what items to develop against the information and propose some development idea to internal.
  1. Male only, age 30-35 years old.
  2. Bachelor degree of Chemical science, Physics, Product Design, Industriel or related field.
  3. Experience about automotive part manufacturing process, function and material.
  4. Knowledge for Resin Material, material evaluation and NV general.
  5. Good communication in English.
  • 1.Diligent
  • 2.Living Allowance
  • 3.Lunch Allowance
  • 4.Overtime Food
  • 5.Provident Fund
  • 6.Medical Expense
  • 7.Insurance
  • 8.Annual Health Check Up
  • 9.Long Time Award
  • 10.Attendance Award
  • 11.Annual Bonus
  • 12.Annual Company Trip
  • 13.Uniform
  • 14.Transport (Bus, Van)
How to apply
  • Those interested can inquire. And resume contact with the companies, Monday - Friday between 08:00 AM. to 05:00 PM..
  • E-Mail
Khun Jitrawee Prommart (คุณจิตระวี พรหมมาศ)
Hayashi Telempu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
700/360 M.6 Amata City Industrial Estate F.3
Don Hua Lo Mueang Chon Buri Chon Buri
Tel. : 038-214-491-4 Ext. 231
Email : hayatele_68@trustmail.jobthai.com (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : Jitrawee@htt.co.th
Website : www.htt.co.th
Amata City Industrial Estate (Chonburi)
Don Hua Lo Mueang Chon Buri Chon Buri
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