Nov 23, 2020

NPI-PCBA Engineer

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Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi

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Job Descriptions
1.Surface Mount Machine Programming 2.Performing in processes such as Paste Printing, PCB Temperature profiler for Reflow, curing processes, programs creation, parameters adjustment, wave and selective soldering (preferred), and conformal coating applications 3.Electronic controls Manufacturing - development and knowledge of fundamental electrical engineering principles 4.Interpret test data and provide input to the hardware designer(s) on circuit analysis (preferred) 5.Interaction or approach with DFX activities (preferred). 6.Read and interpret schematics and wiring diagrams to construct circuits, controls, and testers (preferred). 7.understand and use various lab equipment (including oscilloscopes, multi-meters, data acquisition devices, frequency generators and others as needed) required in troubleshooting and testing electronic controls (preferred).
  1. Bachelor Degree or Master degree on Mechatonic, Mechanical, Electronic or related fields
  2. Having background knowledge of SMT process
  3. Knowledge on IPC 610
  4. Good command of both spoken & written English
  5. 2-3 Years experience will be advantage
  6. Foreigner are welcome
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Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
138 หมู่ 4
Sa Phang Khao Yoi Phetchaburi 76140
Tel. : 034-849-266, 034-878-165-70 ต่อ 25861 สาขามหาชัย/ 032-561-475 สาขาเพชรบุรี
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Sa Phang Khao Yoi Phetchaburi
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