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Mar 24, 2020

Legal Officer (นักกฎหมาย)

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Lat Krabang, Bangkok

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  • Job Description
  • 1)Proceed with litigation, resolving legal dispute and negotiation with respect to the issue and problem with which the Company encounter or engaging in any matter or task as assigned by the supervisor.
  • 2)Draft and revise Legal Documents to be signed by YSP from legal and business perspective and propose revision or amendment.
  • 3)Engage in analyzing legal and business points to be considered in carrying out or implementing existing business and/or newly created business and proceed with making report or proposal to relevant persons and/or relevant Unit.
  • 4)Provide legal training to employees of the Unit, for instance on legal matters, for instance, explanation on documents to be filed to or obtained from Ministry of Commerce, IEAT and/or BOI.
  • 5)Advise or recommend to the Unit for purpose of improving or developing efficiency and/or effectiveness in keeping Legal Documents by the Unit.
  • 6)Proceed with any other matter in order to complete and/or achieve the above-mentioned or task assigned by the supervisor.
  1. The candidate should have working experience as legal officer for 3 years at law firm or Legal Department of a company.
  2. If candidate has experience in (a) litigation, drafting complaint, answer, etc. (b) proceeding at the Court for various cases and (c) proceeding with the Consumer Protection issue at both in Bangkok and provincial area, we shall prefer such candidate.
  3. Being graduate of faculty of law from university in Thailand.
  4. Any other qualification such as passing Thai Bar (เนติบัณฑิต) is highly appreciated.
  5. Englih communication skill in speaking, reading and writing.
  6. Skill to operate Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  7. Skill to search on internet and to communicate through email.
  8. Receive English resume only
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Khun Siriluck
Yanmar S.P. Co., Ltd.
115 Soi Chalongkrung 31 Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok
Lamplathio Lat Krabang Bangkok 10520
โทรศัพท์ : 02-326-0700-7 ต่อ 843, 708
อีเมล : yanmarsp_86@trustmail.jobthai.com (อีเมลนี้ใช้สำหรับการติดต่อและสมัครงาน)
แฟกซ์ : 02-326-0709
เว็บไซต์ : www.yanmar.com/th/
Lamplathio Lat Krabang Bangkok
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