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Vong Chai CO., LTD.
Our story began 35 years ago when a group of experienced Thai engineers from the United States created the Vong Chai Company Limited (VCON) with the desire to provide durable construction materials in Thailand. Thirty-five years later VCON became one of Thailand’s largest construction companies. Our main inspiration was to develop and upgrade local construction materials with cutting edge technology. Through extensive research, our V-CON Hollow-Core Precast Concrete Slabs was developed as an alternative product to the Thai construction market. The Hollow-Core precast concrete is currently the latest technology being used in the United States and we are currently one of the region’s largest Hollow-Core producers. Since the establishment of our company, VCON’s culture has thrived on strong principles, which have been passed by the hands of our managements and workforce from generation to generation. Building strong, long-term relations with our clients is the key to our success as a company.

VCON is a company known for its innovation, hard work and integrity. It is a company that has been around for over 35 years and is currently ranked one of the largest and top construction firms in Thailand. In addition, VCON has consistently ranked one of the top hollow-core suppliers in Thailand. VCON is also a very versatile company obtaining engineers, technicians and operations managers who exhibit expertise to construct a wide range of buildings, airports, hotels, warehouse, department stores, as well as many other channeling tasks.
ตำแหน่ง : Managing Director (Precast Concrete)

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    Khun Preecha
    Vong Chai CO., LTD.
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