CdnCloud(Cdncloud international data technology co., ltd. based in Bangkok), headquartered in the US, has separate offices for different departments and businesses in China, Thailand, the US, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The company has partnered with China Telecom and China Unicom ISP providers to build a huge cloud data centre with a full network bandwidth capacity of up to 3T. with a professional team of many network security experts and software engineering experts at its technical R&D centre in Shanghai, China, CdnCloud is a professional IDC and cloud security service provider, engaged in IDC services, network security services and R&D. With independent self-built cloud and converged cdn, dedicated lines and other products, we are committed to providing users with professional IDC solutions, software and hardware facilities support. The business has now covered a number of industries such as Internet, finance, e-commerce, entertainment and education.
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CdnCloud International Data Technology Co., Ltd.
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