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Nowadays, Thailand is a reliable Leading producer and exporter of food in the world. This has beenachieved with great effects by adhering to strict production standards and food safety, ensuring safe nad quality products from Farm to the table. The Thai govemment has assigned the Ministry of Public and Department for Livestock Development to set up a standard and procedures for the farm by enforcing onsite veterinarians and use of quality animal medicines that have been registered only by the Ministry of Public Health and Department of Livestock Development. Nova medicine is the unique pharmaceutical laboratory veterinary medicine for Penicillingroup and Non-Penicillin of sterile. Liquid and premix to be substituting the umport drugs. We are not only supply our products for the domestic marker but we are intend to exportour product to international market such as Australia, European communities and Asiancountries. Our plant facility is follow the cGMP norm and PIC/S guide line (Pharmaceuticallnspection Cooperation Scheme). Granted from Board of Investment (ฺBOI) promotion privileges. Joint venture by Thai and Swiss total investment amount of baht 220 million.Nova Medicine is based on the quality concept the major we are implementing the sterile section for compact line automatic synchronize equipment system from bottle washing,tunnel for sterilization, filling and capping machines.
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