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HYC Company founded in 2000, HYC Co., Ltd (HYC) is the world's leading passive optical devices ODM/JDM manufacturer who engages in R&D, producing, marketing and providing service of fiber optical products. HYC has long adhered to the concept of “High-quality Manufacturing". As a technologically leading and innovation-driven company, HYC deploys large scale production and lean production processes to achieve efficient and high-yield output. Regarding Qingyuan as headquarters, together with Marketing and R&D Center in Shenzhen, and R&D Center in Wuhan, we have built a competitive independent research, production and sales system, and have been highly recognized by customers in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and other regional markets. HYC's mission is to serve global data communication users with innovative technology, exceptional products and high-quality services and strive to become a global leader of intelligent manufacturers in fiber optic communication.
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HYC Optical Communication (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
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