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Production Engineer(Pakchong Site)

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The Production Engineer role is responsible for making the production process as efficient as possible and it is a feeder role for future Production Leads, CI, or IE. Production Engineer be an independent thinker and a keen problem solver. Production Engineer is accountable for improving efficiency and effectiveness within the factory. This includes identifying and analyzing ways to tackle waste and inefficiencies and proposing sound solutions to reduce waste, improve yield and increase reliability while maximizing productivity, labor and equipment utilization. Production Engineer Responsibilities •Ensure Crew Map deployment within each shift based on the Crew Maps deployed for each Value Stream by the Site IE Lead •Initiating solution or projects to closing performance gap against established KPI’s Leading CI Projects •Deploy and lead the focused improvement projects in the respective shifts with support from Site CI team •Represent Shift Manager and/or Shift at Focused Improvement Team Meetings •Analyzing and driving productivity and efficiency improvement using LEAN tools. Develop Safety, Quality and Production OPL’s & Work Instructions •Developing LOTO and Minor Intervention instructions for each piece of equipment with input from Operators and HSE •Develop CCP, OPRP and other quality assurance work instructions and OPL’s with input from Q&FS •Conduct line tours to monitor Daily Safety Compliance in the shift and report any unsafe operations and practices to the Shift Manager •Assist Shift Manger to investigate any safety incidents that occur during the shift •Develop operating instructions and equipment specifications for process equipment Reduce Waste & NQC •Lead floor waste / NQC reduction initiatives with support from Site CI Team
  1. Bachelor's degree in IE or Food Engineering or Mechanical
  2. Working Experience 2 - 3 years
  3. Experience in CI or Project Management and focus on Machine Process
  4. Male and Female Age 25 -30 years
  5. Potential new grad also welcome
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