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Project Engineer

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Job Responsibilities 1. Overall Project Plan Determine the work plan and manage operations. 2. Responsible for collecting and optimizing the relevant content of the product production field in the project summary report. 3. The organization specifies the requirements for producing the product. Participate in product technical risk assessment 4. Participate in each step of the review, leading the sample review and mass production review. 5. Coordinate the design and production process equipment development capacity planning and material planning 6. Lead the first batch production and complete the finishing work of the first batch production. Solutions that lead to the presence of the production process 7. Responsible for system operation and regular maintenance training for customers. Fix common problems, collect and organize customer feedback data.
  1. Bachelor degree or above, English level 6 or above, more than 3 years of production and assembly work experience; electronics and electrical related majors;
  2. Be good at managing cross-departmental cooperation, be able to organize multiple departments to form a reasonable work plan and lead the development and achievement of team work;
  3. Have relevant work experience in lithium battery industry manufacturing, and be able to use common engineering tools to analyze and solve problems systematically
  4. Master the relevant knowledge of process improvement and development in manufacturing-related industries, and preferably have work experience in lithium-ion battery design and process development;
  5. Can adapt to long-term business trips.
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