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Sales Executive, Chemicals Business

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- Able to optimize benefits between clients and company in any situation. (Preferable) - Sales management according to strategy and achieve the target within time constraints. - Maintain and develop good relationships with customers. - Identify and develop new markets, business opportunities, sales volumes and customers. - Provide accurate market information report to sales manager and required function. - Perform sales operations effectively. - Initiate development for both product and service. - Best deal negotiation with customers.
  1. Bachelor 's /Master's degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Polymer or related.
  2. Achieved a minimum GPA of 2.7 for Undergraduate and 3.3 for Post-graduate studies
  3. Good communication in both spoken and written in English (required TOEIC at least 550)
  4. Good handle with under pressure management situation
  5. Positive thinking and Eager to learn , Adaptive, be confident to work well in an uncertain situation. 
  6. Have a commercial sense and marketing knowledge.
  7. Good communication skills and able to practice negotiation/selling skills.
  8. Collaborative and good people management skills to manage relationships and achieve committed goals.
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