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ผู้จัดการแผนกวางแผนและควบคุมการผลิต(Production Material Control Manager)

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Duties & Responsibilities: - Manage strategic and tactical purchasing, material requirement planning, and inventory control in order to develop an effective team. - Propose Purchase policies to business and function lead and implement when they are approved. - Responsible for maintaining and monitoring functional metrics to ensure business objectives are being achieved and Collaborate with other departments to identify or qualify of new suppliers. - Negotiate prices and terms with suppliers and vendors. - Working to improve efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs. - Monitoring the effectiveness of suppliers in terms of quality and pricing. Develop or implement procedures or systems to evaluate or select suppliers. Maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers. - Mentors staff to achieve increasing levels of team performance. Develop team members to ensure up-to-date product know-how and expertise. - Document purchasing processes, such as workflows, procedure to align with quality system requirement. - Execute purchase instruction to catch cost saving opportunity identified. - Procurement improvement project to reduce inefficiency
  1. Age 30-45 years.
  2. Male/Female
  3. Bachelor's degree or higher in other related fields.
  4. Proactive, proven excellent leadership and communication skills.
  5. SO Stylish, Playful, and Creative.
  6. SO Dynamic and highly creative thinking, work well under pressure and full of team spirit.
  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills both Thai and English.
  8. Advance conversational low to middle in Chinese (HSK5 UP)
  9. Able to handle many tasks at once and be a problem solver.
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