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Senior IT Enterprise Architecture

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Job Descriptions
Head of Enterprise Architecture is responsible for designing architecture for an organization on an enterprise level. Defines system and application architecture and provides vision, problem anticipation and problem-solving ability to business and technology leaders. Works closely with application, network and data architects to define the enterprise architecture and ensures regular check-ins to deliver continuous upgrade of Enterprise architecture. S/He participates in creating strategies and policies to meet overall business goals. Oversees implementation of architecture system and advises adjustments to top management. Additionally, S/He reports directly to the top management and creates functional strategies and specific objectives for sub-function and develops strategic governance and procedures for BU-IT collaboration to work smoothly -Design the Enterprise level architecture and its technology and data implications working with BU-IT etc. -Guide business and technology teams on technology strategy and responsible for the technical design of the product -Mentor and coach, the business and technical team, specifically with strategic, governance and processes -Be hands on and engage in architecture to help the team to develop the solution and solve all surfacing problems at hand, identifies and removes technical impediments -Work with business and technology leadership to align the roadmap with all strengths and opportunities within the group/ Business unit -Constantly looking for better ways of solving enterprise level collaboration and designing the solution, not afraid of challenging the status quo -Helps team create a roadmap for implementing software engineering practices for higher code quality -Share responsibility with business and technical leaders for building reusable and scalable architectures
  1. Seen as an expert within the technical components of the domains/products/journeys
  2. Seasoned enterprise architect with deep insight into newest strategies and trends
  3. Can make architecture decisions at a team and product level and help business and tech team to collaborate and align
  4. Experience working as enterprise architect across the span of multiple organizations and business units
  5. Build and share external presence by participation and leading key topics in domain expertise
  6. Experience in Agile Development, with specific Enterprise Architect (or similar) experience preferred
  7. Understand relationship with business & technology with respect to Agile teams (PO, SM etc.) and technology team
  8. Experience managing conflicts and prioritization w.r.t business needs and technical priorities within the backlog
  9. Strong communication skills with ability to align organization on complex technical decisions
  10. Active coach and mentor whose goal is to grow and maximize the team’s potential
  11. High energy and passionate individual who inspires teammates to reach their maximum potential
  12. Excited about trying new solutions outside standard approved
  13. Embraces a culture of trust and complete transparency
  14. Promotes free thought – is energized by ideas from others in team
  15. Brave and rebellious, willing to challenge status quo
How to apply
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