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Construction Manager

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Project Management 1.Provide Bidding & Proposal 2.Overall in charge of job site assigned 3.Fully understand contractual construction requirement 4.Formulate construction plan and execute construction according to plan 5.Prepare mobilization and demobilization plan and detail site set up requirement 6.Manpower Planning 7.Ensure sufficient time given to other supporting department to prepare mob & de mob 8.Constantly monitor and insure corrective action if necessary the following: -Safety enforcement -Quality Control -Resource management (Human, Construction Equipment & Tools) -Schedule control 9.Ensure that sub-ordinate assigned are been brief and fully understand their job duties 10.Ensure that sub-ordinate perform their task to his satisfaction 11.Enforce discipline at site and take care of site staff welfare 12.Receive instruction from client for changes and report to project manager whether changes justify a changes justify a change order from client 13.Co-ordinate all functions within project Team 14.Attend site meeting with client & problem solving, CRM and hold internal site meeting 15.Ensure that punch listing is perform and drive construction team to achieve mechanical 16.Completion and handover milestones handover dates Human Resource Management 1.Give proper instruction & clear assignment to subordinate 2.Involve on the resources planning both company level and individual project level 3.Assign the suitable person to the task and monitor closely 4.Appraisal the subordinate’s performance 5.Recheck the document control system to ensure that it is complied with ISO 9001 and TIS/OHSAS 18001
  1. Male age 37 years old and above.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree of in Engineering or other related field.
  3. Experiences 7 years EPC or Construction Management.
  4. proactive,fast action taking.
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