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Sales and Marketing Department Manager

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1. Analyze market circumstances to formulate the marketing strategy, to forecast and plan sales plan which is optimal to domestic and international markets and conform to company’s policy and target. 2. Supervise and develop both Domestic and International Sales Teams to manage customer’s requirements, in order to achieve sales targets set by company. 3. Monitor and evaluate consumer’s needs on glassware. Develop glassware products that compliance with the market’s needs. 4. Plan and organize marketing activities to promote product’s awareness such as exhibitions and customers’ visit constantly. 5. Coordinate with related departments to formulate production plan that comply with customer’s requirements and achieve optimal efficiency. 6. Provide reports and concerned matters to superior and concerned parties. 7. Perform other related duties as per superior’s assignments.
  1. We challenge a young and energetic manager with bachelor degree or higher who possesses direct experiences in leading Sales and Marketing team both domestic and export.
  2. Challenge taker. Creative. Think out of the box. Strategic thinker. We challenge you to improve and lead the team to achieve the challenging target of selling and marketing.
  3. Out-going personality with strong leadership and high self-motivation to lead team to success.
  4. Fluence in English communication.
  5. Candidates who seek for an opportunity to maximize your potential and explore your horizon, please state your expected salary and submit your resume and application form via quick apply or send directly to us at
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