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Procurement Manager

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เขตพญาไท กรุงเทพมหานคร

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1. Responsible for coordinating the Group’s procurement strategy and policies for purchases in support of the company’s strategic objectives 2. Participate in the formulation of policies, strategies, plans of the procurement function and department 3. Creating procurement procedures policies and ethical regulations 4. Ensuring procurement activities follow the company’s policies and legal standards 5. Establishing supplier relationships, price negotiations and achievement of cost savings and cost avoidances 6. Negotiate with the seller on the price, quality of goods and delivery time of the products and services according to the specifications. 7. Responsible for the continuous development and improvement of procurement function. 8. Activating search for alternative sources and solutions of supply 9. Handle to select oversea and local vendors or suppliers for goods and/or services to ensure the highest quality of goods/services with the lowest price possible 10. Supporting/coordinating production/project planning team to achieve customer’s requirements 11. Controlling related budgets, costs and service levels 12. Coaching and supporting in procurement function 13. Managing customs clearance activity 14. Managing parts logistics to meet project required date 15. Handling other related duties as assigned by superior 16. Managing and supervising procurement team, dealing with suppliers to meet company’s goal in regarding to quality, delivery and cost 17. Co-lead to manage the tendering process for large strategic purchases 18. Maximize profit by tendering contacts meeting with suppliers to negotiate the best term of contract
  1. Male / Female
  2. Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Logistics, Supply Chain or related fields
  3. At least 10-15 years experience in procurement function
  4. Familiar with ISO standards and SAP system
  5. Good Knowledge of Import-Export & related document
  6. Knowledge of Strategic Sourcing Methodology is a plus
  7. Logistics knowledge is preferable
  8. Practical knowledge of Microsoft Office and related basic programs
  9. Good command both Thai and English communication
  10. Strong negotiation, leadership and interpersonal skills
  11. High level of initiative and problem solving skills
  12. Be able to work under pressure. Result oriented
  13. Possesses commercial awareness
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