Oct 15, 2021


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WHA Rayong Industrial Land Rayong

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Xin ke yuan steel Co.,ltd is a deformed bar manufacturer with a registered capital of 1500 million baht, located in Nonglalok Bankhai, Rayong Thailand. Our state of art fabrication facility covers an area of 95 rai. our reheating furnace allows us to have a unified and continuous manufacturing process which has the production capacity of 80 tons per hour. After reheating the billets then it sent to two efficiency rolling machine production lines which can make two sizes of deformed bars at the same time. Moreover, our rolling machine can change mill roll within a few hours, so it can resume production quickly. The cooling bed of deformed bars has 78 meters length which can reduce waste of unwanted length of deformed bar. All of our processes are closely controlled by our highly trained and experienced engineers.
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    170 ม.3 เขตประกอบการอุตสาหกรรมเหมราชระยอง WHA (อ.บ้านค่าย)
    Nong Lalok Ban Khai Rayong 21120
    Tel. : 033-684-290 ต่อ 239
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