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  • Every package provides one account to access the service.
  • The advertising rate does not include bank transfer fees.
  • For advertising rate of more than 1,000 baht (exclude 7% VAT), please deduct 2% withholding tax, then send the deduction document to or fax 02-480-9988 and send the original document by post to our address.
  • JobThai reserves the right to provide service to insurance sales agent, direct sales business, network marketing, MLM, face-to-face marketing or any business of similar kind, including the business that has ambiguous or inaccurate company information and job description, as well as the business that goes through excessive amount of resume in a questionable manner. If the information provided on JobThai is found to be used other than the website’s objective, JobThai will immediately abrogate the job posts without refund in any case. JobThai’s discretion upon job posting and revocation is absolute and final.
  • *Resume-View Credit (RVC) : Maximum number of “Click to View Contact” to access job seekers’ contact, including landline phone number, mobile phone number, and email.
    Easy to search candidates
    Search your next candidates from 1,750,000 Thai and international job seekers with various career backgrounds.
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    Update your Job Post any time
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    Edit your job descriptions, job titles, job categories without any additional costs during the package period.
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    Create your new job post in advance.
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    Pictures, logo and map can also be added to your company profile.
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    Organize the applications as you want
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    Set to receive applications from either JobThai system or email.
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    Save the interesting resumes with ‘Add Favorite’.
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    Create folders to manage applications.
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    Download applications as a PDF file.
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    Keep all received applications, even the package expires.
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    Forward applications.
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    Statistics & Reports
    Statistical records of your job posting performance are available at your fingertips. You can browse, export and print them out any time.
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