May 26, 2022

Instrument and electrical engineer

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Bang Na, Bangkok

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THAI NIPPON PLANTis a project services provider and contractor in Thailand, managed by Japanese. On a wealth of engineering experience in Thailand, THAI NIPPON PLANT is handling engineering, equipment and materials procurement, management of fabrication and construction in various industrial projects such as chemical, petrochemical, refinery, fertilizer, power plants and so on. The services are not limited to domestic projects, but also aiming to provide services to overseas customers. 1)Design Services : Advantage of THAI NIPPON PLANT is to provide design services. The design services are carried out internally and outsourcing engineering companies, which has been worked with THAI NIPPON PLANT for a lengthy period. As both companies share a same office, information between both companies is integrated and smoothly transferred. As the results, prompt actions can be taken and any revision work is surely followed up. Design manpower of 2,000 hour/month (3,000 hours/month in maximum) is always maintained for the projects, and reserve a lot of senior engineers. 2)Fabrication : Fabrication requires 3 key aspects, namely low cost, high quality and schedule adhesive. THAI NIPPON PLANT has a list of various vendors in several kinds of scale and capability. THAI NIPPON PLANT can select the most suitable vendor in the view points of cost effectiveness and/or their capability in accordance with the customer’s requirements and the nature of the project. We will take responsibility for our selected vendors in
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    Khun Ketmane
    Thai Nippon Plant Co., Ltd.
    2/71 Bangna Complex Bldg. 14th Fl., Soi Bangna -Trad 25, Debaratna Rd.,
    Bang Na Nuea Bang Na Bangkok 10260
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