Nov 26, 2021

Guest Service Attendant

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Mueang Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Pathom

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Job Descriptions
1.Registers and assigns golf to arriving guests ensuring that registration cards are correctly completed giving required information. 2.Handles check-out of departing guests using golf standard procedures. Prepares guest folio for each arriving and departing guest, 3.Maintains accurate records and informs other departments of arrivals, check-outs and special arrangements for VIP's or group guests. 4.Provides an efficient and courteous communication service for guests ensuring all messages are delivered promptly to the correct golf. 5.Provides current information about golf facilities, services and special events to guests. 6.Provides current information of tourist attractions, restaurants, entertainment facilities and current events in the local area to guests. 7.Handles guest requests and immediately refers problems and complaints to the Reception Manager. 8.Prepares Daily Cash Summary and arranges for prompt banking of proceeds. 9.Prepares Change Summary and credit card commission reconciliation's from credit card companies. 10.Conducts regular counts of cashiers float and reconciles cash count to Cashiers Report and reports discrepancies. 11.Coordinates and assist with computer input and computer handling. 12.Maintains current information on exchange rates and update of the changes. 13.Prepares guest accounts ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 14.Records the accurate accounting of all cash floats, takings, credit card vouchers and guest ledger accounts. 15.Prepares takings summary, statistics and other accounting forms as directed by Income Auditor. 16.Maintains current information with all golf rates and communications charges and pricing. 17.Handles all incoming and outgoing telephone calls using Thai greeting Assists guests in arranging for telephone calls and messages either in house or outside the golf property. 18.Provides an efficient and courteous communication service for guests ensuring all telephone calls are handled efficiently and polity
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มาลี เซี่ยงคิ้ว
บริษัท กลุ่ม 15 จำกัด
333 หมูที่ 2 ต.ธรรมศาลา อ.เมืองนครปฐม จ.นครปฐม 73000
Tel. : 034-240600 ต่อ 141/142
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 034-240-649
Thammasala Mueang Nakhon Pathom Nakhon Pathom
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