Nov 21, 2019
Purchasing Engineer (System Engineering Company)[T01239]
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Job Descriptions
  • - Research potential vendors
  • - Compare and evaluate offers from suppliers
  • - Negotiate contract terms of agreement and pricing
  • - Track orders and ensure timely delivery
  • - Review quality of purchased products
  • - Coordinate with warehouse staff to ensure proper storage
  1. Thai Nationality
  2. Male / Female
  3. 22-35 Year old
  4. - Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Mechanical, Electrical engineering, Industrial Engineering or related engineering field.
  5. Experience in purchasing of Mechanic/ Electric major equipment (1-5 years)
  6. Able to speak in English
  7. Able to Auto CAD
How to apply
  • - Please send us your English resume to Email
  • - ส่งใบสมัครทาง
CareerLink Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
CareerLink Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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