Oct 18, 2019
Marketing Manager (Skin Care/ Cosmetics)
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Bang Khen, Bangkok
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Job Descriptions
  • * Set up marketing team structure.
  • * Develop marketing strategies, plans and budgets.
  • * Follow the strategy and plan laid out
  • * Develop and improve the workflow within the department to be more effective
  • * Execute new marketing ideas.
  • * Develop online and offline advertising to achieve sales target.
  • * Supervise and control the work out the plan and schedule.
  • * Prepare report on marketing performance.
  • * Analyze the results of the strategy and the action plan.
  1. Thai Nationality age between 30-45 years
  2. Bachelor’s degree or higher
  3. Experience in Cosmetic, Beauty or Beauty clinic industry.
  4. Proven track record of leading a team.
  5. Proficient in Microsoft office applicants, preferable in Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar
  6. Experience in Digital marketing, Advertising online (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Line etc.)
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บริษัท ชาร์มมิ่งเวิลด์ อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล จำกัด
165/52-53 ถนนรามอินทรา
Anusawari Bang Khen Bangkok
Tel. : 02-026-3322
Email : chame_26@trustmail.jobthai.com (Email for job application & inquiry)
Anusawari Bang Khen Bangkok
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