Aug 16, 2022

Marketing Manager (Suppliment /Skin Care/ Cosmetics)

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Bang Khen, Bangkok

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Job Descriptions
* Set up marketing team structure. * Develop marketing strategies, plans and budgets. * Follow the strategy and plan laid out * Develop and improve the workflow within the department to be more effective * Execute new marketing ideas. * Develop online and offline advertising to achieve sales target. * Supervise and control the work out the plan and schedule. * Prepare report on marketing performance. * Analyze the results of the strategy and the action plan.
  1. Male or Female
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business, or a related field.
  3. 5 years’ experience in marketing management position (Suppliment, Cosmetic, Skin Care,) and retail business
  4. Strong experience and knowlage of Marketing Strategy and Brands Communication, Marketing analysis with proven track record in developing and implement Marketing Prgram
  5. Proficient in Microsoft office applicants, preferable in Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar
  6. Experience in Digital marketing, Advertising online (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Line etc.) TV Talk
  7. Demonstrate leadership charector with good planing, strategy and analytical thinking, broblem solving and dicision making skills
  8. Good command of English.
How to apply
- สมัครผ่าน JobThai - ส่งใบสมัครทาง Email - สมัครด้วยตนเองที่บริษัท
บริษัท ชาร์มมิ่งเวิลด์ อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล จำกัด
165/52-54 ถนนรามอินทรา
Anusawari Bang Khen Bangkok 10220
Tel. : 02-026-3322 ต่อ 128 / 096-896-2286
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Anusawari Bang Khen Bangkok
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