Dec 6, 2023

Solution Implementer / System Engineer

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Chatuchak, Bangkok

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salary icon30,000 - 40,000
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Job Descriptions
•Co-operate with Sale Representative/Business Consultant to find out customer’s requirements, customer’s pain point, cost of operation, and make clearly understand of customer’s business process. •Co-operate with Project Management team to develop the project plan and timeline to summit to customer for Professional service cost. •Co-operate with Implementation team to make sure that our developed solution able to implement successfully. •Design the solution bases on customer requirements, pain point, cost, effort, and business needed to achieve customer goal and our company business goal together. •Develop Presentation slide and presenting the solution, product feature, system architecture, HW/SW base required spec., implementation plan and benefits to customer. •Develop Solution Design Diagram, System Architecture Diagram, Hardware Sizing, Software Licenses/Component, and SOW. •Work as contact point person between customers and internal person to communicate about IT, Technical, and solution design. •Prepare and create demonstration/POC system and scenario to show on stage with customer’s decision maker such as board management, top management, C-level, and user level as well. •Arrange a meeting to present the solution proposal and SOW to project management team and implementation team to make them understand and clearly before kick-off project with customer. •Attend the kick-off meeting for internal and customer tobe the communicator between customer and project implementation team if they have some mistake/misunderstand point in SOW and Solution Design Document. •Handle and negotiate the customer’s requirements at implementation state to ensure that it is align to our budgetary and any commitment at proposing state. •Use experience and professional style to make more confident, trust, proud, and friendly when meeting with customers. •Work as a member of project team for analyze and gather the most complete requirements that managed by project manager
  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computer or information technology related field
  2. Minimum3-year experiences in software proposing, system architecture and design.
  3. Good presenter, gentle and trusty.
  4. Able to quickly solve problem at hand and decide the most appropriate solution
  5. Able to work under pressure and time limit.
  6. Able to work as a team.
  7. Positive thinking.
  8. Willing to research and learn in new technologies.
  9. สนใจส่งประวัติที่
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    Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
    Fax : 02-679-1944
    BTS หมอชิต, MRT พหลโยธิน
    Chatuchak Chatuchak Bangkok
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