Oct 10, 2019
Senior Manager to AVP – Budget, Accounting & Reports
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Job Descriptions
  • Be responsible for supervise and coach Accounting, Reporting & Budgeting team and support the IFRS17 Implementation plan
  1. Supervise and coach the team for accounting, tax; expense control and regulatory report requirements
  2. Communicate the financial analysis (i.e. Profit variance, trend analysis and ratio analysis) to management
  3. Execute plan and lead the implementation IFRS17 Standard of Accounting Part
  4. Supervise and coach team for budgeting, forecasting and business plan process
  5. Update the accounting policies and procedures, ensuring that compliance of the policies is in place, as well as ensure the quality of accounting data and strong process control
  6. Other assignments
  • We offer an attractive compensation and benefits package to the successful candidate such as
  • - Group Insurance
  • - OPD
  • - Annual MedicalCheck up
  • - Provident Fund
  • - Health Insurance
  • - Training Activities
  • - Performance Bonus
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  • - Direct apply to : www.tokiomarinelife.co.th/CS_Internet/frm_jobapply.aspx
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บริษัท โตเกียวมารีนประกันชีวิต (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด (มหาชน)
1 Empire Tower, 26th Floor, South-Sathorn Rd.
Yannawa Sathon Bangkok
Tel. : 02-619-4270
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Fax : 02-619-4075
Yannawa Sathon Bangkok
- BTS ช่องนนทรี , - BRT ช่องนนทรี
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