Jun 16, 2021

Food Safety Quality Assurance Officer (Nakonpratom Based)

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Mueang Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Pathom

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Principal Accountabilities: 40% Near Infrared (NIR) analysis •Supervise in Organic Substance analysis the in Food/Feed by using Near Infrared (NIR) analysis to ensure product/finish goods are qualified and meet quality inspection. •Ensure NIR performance in lap is comply with Cargill standard by testing NIR with Sample Validation, verification and monitoring NIR •Maintain and calibrate NIR for all ingredient •NIR Trouble shooting •Manage GLIM for plant & Implement GLIM in plant/ as request ID lim; 30 – 50 Sample 25% FSQR Audit and Safety Prepare the checklist for FSQR audit follow Cargill and customer’s policies. (GMP & HACCP system. ISO 22000) Conduct internal audit and pre-external audit. Monitor and ensure FSQR operations for compliance to behavioral standards Report and Correct non-compliance FSQR behavioral standards Prepare Lab Safety report to Global every month Attended quarterly meeting with AP team 15% Good laboratory practice (GLP) •Review and Set up Good laboratory practice (GLP) procedure, control chart, and P-test program •Ensure Good laboratory practice are operated follow GLP guide, safety standard, P-test, and control chart •Ensure laboratory equipment are proper used and kept. 20% Document management system •Ensure the document related to FSQR testing and result are managed and recorded in system properly per well-established protocol •Other administrative task assigned by manager.
  1. Bachelor’s Degree or master’s degree in Aquaculture or Animal Science, Food Technology, Chemistry, Feed Technology or other related fields.
  2. Have 5 years of experience in Food/Feed Analysis or FSQR
  3. Analysis to ensure product/finish goods
  4. Basic knowledge of the GMP & HACCP system. ISO 22000, Instrument of Analysis as NIR
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Khun Thawatchai
Cargill Siam Limited (บริษัท คาร์กิลล์สยาม จำกัด)
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Sra Kathiam Mueang Nakhon Pathom Nakhon Pathom
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