Sep 15, 2020

Store Manager - Flagship Store Mobile and Gadget (1 Year Contract)

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salary iconเงินเดือนปัจจุบัน: น้อยกว่า 40,000 บาท
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Job Descriptions
· Being responsible to Achieve the sales target set by the store. · Being responsible to Manage price and store data. · Perform financial management to ensure real time and accurate data. · Being responsible to daily, weekly, and monthly work plans, hold meetings every morning and evening, and hold meetings every week and month. · Ensure availability of store. · Organize stock taking at the end of each month to ensure the consistency of accounts, materials and accounts. · Organize sales promotion and member activities according to company requirements or related requirements, and effectively manage promotional materials and gifts. · Collect and submit information about the market and surrounding business centers. · Arrange shifts for experience consultants and sales staff based on customer traffic levels. · Ensure that the staff dress and personal image is appropriate, after the training, the assessment results meet the requirements. · Handle consumer complaints and conduct effective consumer management. · Implement company relevant policies, accurately communicate these policies to store employees in a timely manner, and break down the work of store employees. · Establish, maintain and improve the cooperative relationship with the dealers and retailers in the area to ensure the smoothness of the purchasing and sales channels.
  1. Thai nationality only.
  2. Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years working experience as the shop manager in top brand mobile phone store or world-famous retail store industry.
  3. Professional knowledge and skills related to shop management & shop operation management.
  4. Having strong leadership and team management capabilities, good communication skills with service minded attitude.
  5. Good command of English both oral and written skill.
  6. Be able to develop cooperative relationships and become a respected and trustworthy partner to cooper
How to apply
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Manpower (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 02-036-5921
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