Nov 27, 2021

Finance Manager / Supervisor( Chinese Speaking )

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Nikhom Phatthana, Rayong

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Job Descriptions
1 负责财务部日常管理工作;Responsible for the daily management of the Finance Department 2 负责公司金蝶云账套的全盘管理工作,对系统各模块业务处理进行审核,及时核对总账、明细账,确保账账相符以及财务数据准确;Responsible for the overall management of the company's Kingdee Cloud A/C set, review the business processing of each module of the system, and Check the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers in time, to ensure that the accounts are consistent and the financial data is accurate; 3 负责编制公司的财务报表、财务管理报表、财务报告及其他日常经营报表,对报表提出建设性建议;Responsible for the preparation of the company's financial statements, financial management statements, financial reports and other daily operating statements, and put forward constructive suggestions on the statements; 4 指导财务部人员编制月度资金预算,严格控制成本和费用支出;Instruct the staff of the Finance Department to prepare monthly fund budgets, and strictly control costs and expenses; 5 按总公司要求和实际经营情况,起草、制定公司的各项财务管理制度;Draft and formulate various financial management systems of the company according to the requirements of the head office and actual operating conditions; 6 审查公司各类经济合同,审批各项报销和付款,审核收入、成本和费用的准确核算与归属;Review various economic contracts of the company, approve various reimbursements and payments, and review the accurate accounting and attribution of revenue, costs and expenses; 7 审核员工绩效考核和工资表;Review employee performance appraisal and payroll; 8 正确掌握泰国的税收政策,处理各项涉税事宜;Correctly grasp Thailand's taxation policies and handle various tax-related matters; 9 负责公司年度审计及税务审计工作的落实;Responsible for the implementation of the company's annual audit and tax audit work; 10 负责财务部财务档案的管理;Responsible for the management of the financial documents of the Finance Department; 11 负责领导交办的其他工作;Responsible for other tasks assigned by the management; 所需做的表格Financial statements that need to be made:: 1财务三大报表;Three financial statements 2各类财务管理报表;Various financial management reports; 3月度、季度和年度经营分析报告;Monthly, quarterly and annual business analysis reports; 4月度资金预算表Monthly capital budget report.
  1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance or related majors.
  2. Have more than 5 years of financial management experience in large enterprise groups;
  3. Familiar with ERP operating system, and have experience in using software such as Kingdee金蝶;
  4. Familiar with the full set of processes and management of accounting operations, accounting and auditing;
  5. Have a good relationship between the government and banks, and have certain financing capabilities;
  6. Fluency in Chinese will be given priority.
How to apply
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บริษัท นิสโก (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด
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Makham Khu Nikhom Phatthana Rayong
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